Building concept inventories can be a daunting task, since it rests on research into student misconceptions. 

The standard approach to capturing student misconceptions involves extensive interviews that probe what they really think.

Ed's Tools enables you to capture misconceptions in a more efficient manner. 

Students are asked open-ended essay type questions.

Their answers can then be coded with respect to which concepts are present (up to 25 different concepts for each question/coder combination) using the java-based Ed's Tools webware.

Captured concepts/misconcepts can then be easily retrieved, while retaining the students' natural language.   

We are currently using Ed's Tools to generate the Biology Concept Inventory, and have begun work with Professor Mary Nelson and colleagues (UC Boulder), to generate a Math and Calculus Concept Inventory (MCCI). We are also working with prof. Mark Moldwin (UCLA), and prof. Wendell Horton (U Texas) to generate a Space Physcis Concept Inventory (SPCI).

If you are interested in using Ed's Tools in your project, let us know.